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FILM DIRECTION & PRODUCTION•  EST. 2011• agency - ms3  

In the spring of 2011, an alarming rate of people in need of hospital care were driving out of town. While they assumed their central location was sufficient, studies showed patients were willing to drive an extra 20 minutes to other hospitals. In fact, patients would drive directly past St John’s life threatening situations. Focus groups further revealed that the community had lost trust in the hospital and would not return.

2018 Surgical Team Spot

MS3 Communications hired Zeh Arndt Creative as a creative consultant that fall. Since then Zeh Arndt Creative has partnered with MS3 Communications to create annual TV campaigns for St. John's Riverside Hospital in Yonkers, New York to build community trust, raise awareness of services and staff, and increase the number of patients treated. Beneath the brand umbrella Community Strong™, our commercials and patient testimonials have helped generate a significant increase in patient volume year over year and successfully instill community trust.

2018 Patient Testimonial - Hayne’s Story

2018 Patient Testimonial - Anthony’s Story

2018 Patient Testimonial - Soyica’s Story