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Brand Development, US Launch & Expansion • est. 2013

Optimum Volleyball is an inclusive amateur volleyball organization based in St. Petersburg, Florida. Optimum trains and inspires volleyball players of all ages and skill levels wherever there's a warm beach and welcoming vibe. 


Optimum is led by one of the most influential couples in the game, Pri and Michelle Piantadosi-Lima. Google them. You'll see what we mean. Pri and Michelle came to us in 2013 with a big idea that needed a brand strategy, identity and initial marketing materials to get them started. The branding we created is now being worn by amateur and professional players from high-school exposure events to the coveted AVP Tour. 

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What began as a regional travel squad preparing middle and high-school girls for the college game has evolved into an international organization. And what began as a brand only seen on St. Pete Beach is now encouraging volleyball players and fans around the world to "Live like everything's in."

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